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Returning to good Governance in a post-Covid world
17:30 – 19:30, Wed 7 July (Online)

The pandemic required us to think and work differently. This seminar will give you the chance to reflect on how these changes have affected the practice of
governance in the VCSE sector; what practices we can usefully continue and what we may need to stop doing.

Key speakers for this seminar are:
❖ Kevin Sawers (Community Buildings and Enterprise Officer, Action Hampshire)
❖ The Rev Canon Nick Ralph (Director of Social Enterprise and Engagement, Winchester Social Enterprise)

To register for the July seminar, click here.

Managing Risk in your organisation
17:30 – 19:30, Tues 21 September (Online)

The voluntary sector has been seriously impacted during the pandemic, now’s the time to consider any future risks to your organisation

Key speakers for this seminar are:
❖ Angus Roy (Charity Director at Ecclesiastical)
❖ Steph Jackson (Enterprise Risk Management Consultant for Ecclesiastical)

Both speakers are Institute of Risk Management members.

To register for the September seminar, click here.

Both seminars will be followed by networking breakout discussions, please email contact@communitypartnership.org.uk for more information.