Community Infrastructure Partnership CIC

Seven Councils of Voluntary Services based in Hampshire, who, having been working closely together over many years; have come together in a formal partnership to enable collective bidding and commissioning of multi-partner work.

The seven partners in this venture are:

Action Hampshire > Gosport Voluntary Action > Rushmoor Voluntary Services > Unity > Basingstoke Voluntary Action > Hart Voluntary Action > One Community

We seek to enshrine the spirit of collaboration and common purpose amongst the Hampshire CVS partners. We will engage with a wide range of partners to:

  • Undertake joint contracts to meet commissioner and funder priorities.
  • Maintain excellent communication networks across the Hampshire districts that our partners represent to enhance joint commissioning and delivery.
  • Create, innovate and develop responses to improve lives and help communities thrive.
  • Monitor and evaluate services and provide valuable research for future service design.
  • To provide lasting legacy services.
  • To be identified as a model for high-quality service delivery across the sector.

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